Creating the Catalog

Source Connection

Ensure you have a Source Connection created to your Snowflake instance. If not, create a Source Connection.

  • The Data Catalog only works with a Snowflake Source

Once the Source Connection is created, go to the list of your Sources and find the Snowlfkae connection you just created.

Click Actions...Reload Schema from Server. This will cause DataLakeHouse to load the metadata about all the objects, columns, etc from Snowflake.

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Data Catalog

In the navigation menu click Data Catalog

Click on the Snowflake Source Connection you created earlier

Enter the Catalog Details or keep the default values

  • Catalog Name
    • Default: Data Warehouse Glossary
  • Catalog Alias
    • Default: Data Warehouse
  • Catalog Description
    • Default: Our data catalog for the Data Warehouse

Click Save

After a brief wait, the Data Catalog will refresh showing the schemas available to the login credentials you entered in the Source Connection.

Select a schema of your choice and click on a Table

A new screen will be presented with a Data Preview, a README, a Columns and a Glossary Terms tile

Data Preview

README Section

Edit the ReadMe to enter a description of the Table. The description should be meangingful to an analyst type or to an end user

Columns Section

Enter a description or calcuation for each column by clicking on the blue pencil. The description should be meangingful to an analyst type or to an end user

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Glossary Terms

Updated 18 May 2022
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