Data Catalog (Beta)

A Data Catalog is a metadata driven application that relates information about one or more sources of data to be collaborated on in order to enrich an organization's understand of the data. This includes perspective such as where does the data originate, what does the data, for example a column attribute or metric, actual mean. Perhaps it includes perspective such as who or what people are responsible for the data, a data feature, or an entire volume of data sources.

By providing the above perspectives on the data by means of tagging, adding descriptions, comments, etc. the understanding of the data in context can be enriched. In so doing, the enriching information can be presented in a legible way that his referenceable and retrievable by means of search, etc. This also provides a means of collaboration. Collaboration also is a metric that can be identified as a reflection of how much a system, the data, or the data catalog are being used as part of the data management strategy of the organization. This increases ROI on data investments but more importantly creates a culture of accountability, self-service, and options on the data and the data context which helps to evolve all data and analytics projects efforts by way of contribution. This enables data democratization efforts in the organization.

Updated 04 May 2022
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