DBT Cloud Transformations

DataLakeHouse.io with DBT Cloud works like something magical. Adding a DBT Cloud transformation in DataLakeHouse.io allows you to call an existing job as part of the sync data pipeline. After each synchronization frequency of your source data to the raw landing zone at your target/destination (e.g.: Snowflake) a DBT Cloud job can be run. You can even override some of the DBT Cloud parameters of the job to dynamically control the job steps and other details of the run.

DBT Cloud Jobs on DLH.io
DBT Cloud Jobs on DLH.io

For more information on how to create a transformation, you will perform similar steps to create SQL Transformations but instead of the SQL Transformation Type you will select the DBT Cloud option instead.

Add a DBT Cloud Transformation

  1. Click on Transformation from the header menu
  2. Click on New Transformation or Add a Transformation to show the Transformation creation form.
  3. Update the DBT Json Options field with any override information, use "{}" or leave blank which is the default
  4. Update the Job ID field with the job id from your DBT Cloud instance
  5. Choose the option to Run When New Data is Synchronized

  6. Click the Save button

For more information on DBT Cloud & DBT Cloud Transformations:

  • Please use our community support and forums on Slack at https://datalakehouse.slack.com

Updated 04 May 2022
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