DoorDash for Work

DoorDash's business-to-business platform where employers can incentivize employees with a budget from which to purchase meals is referred to as "DoorDash for Work". Extracting order records from the DoorDash for work platform and enabling analytics on employee behavior and key performance indicators of whether the program is effective, on which types of days employees most order, if employees or consistently have order ticket dollar amounts higher than their budget, etc. are some of the intents behind this connector integration.

Most of the customers using this connector and model may use the manual approach to capture the monthly order .zip files (only one CSV per zip file when extracted) from their DoorDash for Work Dashboard account. The automation of this process is what makes DataLakeHouse.io ingestion so great and automated retrieval of the DoorDash for Work data is available as a prime source connector.

Setup Instructions

DoorDash for Work data on budget spend and other order details is only available for an account having the "Admin" role granted to it. This also needs to be a email and password account and not a social sign-in (e.g.: Google Sign) for accessing the DoorDash for Work Admin Panel. If you need assistance with setting up the account for automated access please contact our support team.

DataLakeHouse.io securely connects to your DoorDash for Work account with bank-grade security processes. Using the form in the DataLakeHouse.io portal please complete the following steps:

  1. Enter a Name or Alias for this connection, in the 'Name/Alias' field, that is unique from other connectors.
  2. Enter in the 'Target Schema Prefix' field, a name that will be unique in your cloud warehouse destination database where you wish to replicate the data.
  3. Enter the 'User' for your DoorDash for Work admin account
  4. Enter the 'Password' credential for your DoorDash for Work admin account
  5. Click the Authorize Your Account button which will save the connection.
Setup Connection to DoorDash for Work
Setup Connection to DoorDash for Work

Alternative Setup Instructions (If requiring manual approach)

Connecting to DoorDash for Work, you need to make sure that:

  1. Download the monthly order .zip files (only one CSV per zip file when extracted) from your DoorDash for Work Dashboard account
  2. Extract all the CSV files from your downloaded and upload them using the link provided to your by DataLakeHouse.io support.
  3. Use the Business Analytics option in DataLakeHouse.io to launch the pre-built DoorDash for Work Data Warehouse if the DataLakeHouse.io support team has not done this for you after you have uploaded your files.
  4. Access the dashboards to view all of the pre-built KPIs/Metrics for your DoorDash for Work information


If you need any assistance setting up or configuring your DoorDash for Work integration please contact our support team.

Updated 18 Jul 2022
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