How are new columns are added to the target Data Warehouse?

What (Question)?

How can one check if their SQL Server CDC configuration is working on their source database?


Any SQL Server database where CDC is turned on and your SQL Server source. Most likely you are trying to ensure that changes from your source connector that uses CDC as the incremental update configuration are accurately synchronizing to your target.

How (Answer)?

Some basic nuances about SQL Server CDC can still confuse even seasoned DBAs. Here are a few items that may cause confusion but should be checked:

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Here are a few steps that we recommend you follow to get aligned with how data is flowing from your SQL Server CDC enabled tables to the target. If there are still questions or if assistance is needed let us know.

  1. In DLH.io run a Historical Re-Sync on this table to complete the operation.


Your SQL Server database administrator (DBA) is best suited for the job.

Use your support credits with us by contacting your engagement manager or using the support portal.


Incorporate the instruction in the answer above anytime you seem to be missing a column in the target where your DBA has confirmed that the table in question is using the CDC (not Change Tracking) method. DLH.io will pass alerts if the final synchronization to the target destination table fails because of this or the retrieval of data cannot be accomplished because of this Microsoft SQL Server feature of their CDC configuration.

Updated 14 Jul 2022
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