Integrations (Slack, etc.)

DataLakeHouse.io can integrate with Slack to provide notification ability for alerting, completion of sync bridge pipelines, and other notifications originating from DataLakeHouse.

Configure Slack Integration

  1. Navigate to the MyProfile page for your organization.
  2. Click on the Link your Slack account button at the bottom of the page under Slack Integration
  3. Wait for the prompt that navigates your to the Slack workspace selector
  4. Authorize your account
  5. Return to DataLakeHouse.io and select the Channel for which your organization's notifications from DataLakeHouse should be sent.
Slack Integration
Slack Integration

How does it work?

Organization level events like a new connector created, a Sync Bridge completing, a critical alert are shared on the channel created and connected to your Slack integration.

Updated 17 Feb 2022
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