Our IP Grantlist / Whitelist

DataLakeHouse.io connects to your source systems over the internet or VPC where possible. For most systems such as cloud based applications whitelisting the IP address is not required. However for databases and other secure cloud architecture in order for DataLakeHouse.io to securely connect to your data systems and sources this may be required.

DataLakeHouse.io uses several Internet Protocol (IP) address to effectively connect to your data sources and move your data to Snowflake. When your source is gated, on a public cloud, on-premise, behind a firewall, etc. then you need to whitelist our IP addresses in order for the connection to be successfully. Use the following IP addresses below and grantlist/whitelist all of them on your network security and/or firewall.


IP Address (Grantlist/Whitelist)

Global (Everywhere)

Support (Ticket Resolution Only)

Updated 03 May 2022
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