Stripe is a payment processing platform that allows merchants of all types to accept credit cards and integrate almost any type of payment processing into a third-party application using its robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Connector Pre-Requisites

Connecting to Stripe, you need to make sure that:

  • You have access to retrieve metadata from your Stripe account

Instructions (Basic Connection Setup)

Remember DataLakeHouse.io securely connects to your Stripe instance by redirecting you to the Stripe portal for you to sign in via Stripe login. DataLakeHouse.io does not capture or store your password/credentials.

Using the form please complete the following basic steps:

  1. Enter a Name or Alias for this connection that is unique in the 'Name/Alias' field
  2. Enter a unique target schema name in your Snowflake data cloud destination in the 'Target Schema Prefix' where you wish to land the data.
  3. Enter the Stripe developer Application ID in the API App/Publish Key field from the Stripe developer portal
  4. Enter the Stripe developer Access Token in the API Access/Secret Key field from the Stripe developer portal
  5. Enter the API Account Id or the developer Application Name can be stored but is not required.
  6. Click the 'Authorize Your Account' button which will transport the page to the Stripe login, where you will enter your Stripe account credentials.  Once your credentials are accepted you will be automatically redirect back to this DataLakeHouse.io portal and you should be able to see a successful connection of your source.

If any issues occur with the Stripe authorization, simply return to the sources page in DataLakeHouse.io, edit this source and click the 'Authorize Your Account' or 'Re-Authorize Your Account' button.

If any issues persist please contact our support team via the DataLakeHouse Support Portal.

Updated 04 May 2022
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