What are DataLakeHouse Models?

Analytics models are a accelerators for data warehouse and data vault models that allow any organization to start their journey with a DataLakeHouse or expand their existing business analytics cloud architecture with purpose build data models that bring immediate value out of the box.

DataLakeHouse open sources most of its models as a means to align the globe on best practices for implementing Data Warehouses, Data Vaults, and Machine Learning algorithms with specific applications in mind. This includes Salesforce.com, DoorDash, HubSpot, Xero, NetSuite, just to name a few.

Goal 🥅

A key goal of a DataLakeHouse has always been to provide the straightest line between the two points of data and business value. Analytical models can fundamentally change the way an organization views its business and how it works with customers, vendors, and within its own organization to make the best business decisions possible.

Metrics, KPIs, and More 📈

The DataLakeHouse community is full of members who are Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across multiple industries that provide real world use cases to deliver metrics that provide quick business value. This acceleration of the basic industry Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) also just about any organization to level the playing field with larger organizations that may have dozens if not hundreds of resources dedicated to building analytics, ML, and reporting.

Updated 04 May 2022
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