What is Dataform?

Dataform is a platform to manage data in Snowflake and other modern cloud data warehouses. It helps data teams build data pipelines that turn raw data into new tables and views that can be used for analytics such as analytics models for Operations Applications.

Dataform does the T in ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) processes. It doesn’t extract or load data in your warehouse but it’s very powerful to transform data already loaded in your warehouse.

Dataform helps you run SQL commands in your data warehouse to create new tables and views. Dataform ships many features made to improve the way you manage data and make your team more productive.

  • Define tables and views to be created in your data warehouse
  • Add documentation to tables and views
  • Define assertions to test the quality of your data
  • Reuse code across multiple scripts
  • Run arbitrary SQL operations
  • Take snapshots of your data
  • Use ready-made SQL packages to help you model your data

Dataform is built for data professionals who interact with a cloud data warehouse. That includes anyone who knows how to write SQL queries, including data analysts, data engineers and data scientists.

By using Dataform and its best practices, data teams are able to manage data significantly faster and deliver data that is trusted and understood by the entire organization.

Updated 16 Feb 2022
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