What is DataLakeHouse.io?

Whenever you need to get data into a single source of truth, transform it, or manage it, DataLakeHouse.io is one of the first steps in that journey.

Answering the question of how any organization can handle Big Data, Data Lake Storage, and analytics that are curated, consistent, and responsible for enabling better business decisions, DataLakeHouse was born. As both a reference architecture and a platform, DataLakeHouse combines the efficiency of the modern data stack, with concepts of Data Warehousing, Data Vault 2.0, and the often very nebulous concepts of Big Data and a Data Lake (aka Data Lake Storage).

We have taken the viewpoint that companies large and small need to view data as an asset. With this in mind that asset can be shared and used in many ways, by many consumers, inside and potentially outside the organization. The tools required to get an organization, or a department within the organization that has acknowledge the value of being data-driven, on the fastest path to attaining business value from the data has always been the mission of a DataLakeHouse.

As such, DataLakeHouse.io enables any customer to quickly:

  • Get your data from a source database or operations application to a centralized landing zone
  • Have a Data Warehouse model up and running within a matter of hours representing your operations
  • Use pre-built data warehouse models and reporting to get immediate insights into your operations
  • Utilize a data science portal to conduct machine learning algorithms, and use ours immediately out-of-the-box
  • Better manage your Snowflake onboarding or existing account with extended management features

Regardless of what the starting point in the data journey, DataLakeHouse.io features enables organizations to achieve business from their data on average 65% faster than using the status quo or traditional means attempting to build a homegrown solution. Our analytics solutions and accelerators are completely customizable, and some are even open-source. Learn from a community of global experts on the topics of Data Warehousing, Data Vault 2.0, and Machine Learning to scale your data team, or supplement with your DataLakeHouse and Snowflake Support.

Updated 23 May 2022
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