As of 4/1/2022 DLH.io supports the use of managing Change Data Capture (CDC), that is the ability to synchronize only the delta changes of records into the target destination. Unlike the other option of Logical Replication Setup, XMIN is by default enabled on all PostgreSQL server instances, and requires no additional setup. The only drawback from using XMIN is that it does not capture deleted records. This is because the reference to a record having been deleted in a database table is removed at the time of deletion and not recoverable by native default means of the XMIN protocol for PostgreSQL.

It is recommended that you understand your data synchronization requirements and proceed with the above notes in mind.

Support is available to all DataLakeHouse customers as well as our community Slack channel to assist you.

NB: Once an option is selected for PostgreSQL CDC, it cannot be changed for the the source connector. You will need to create a new source connector which will require a new Sync Bridge (Data Pipelines).

Updated 27 Mar 2022
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