Alerts & Notifications

What type of alerts are sent?

  • Slack
  • Email

When do alerts get sent?

  • if a connector fails to connect to its system
  • if a bridge does not complete within a certain time threshold

How do alerts get sent?

Alerts are sent based on user preferences which can be setup in the user profile page. They are sent via our email distribution platform or via our Slack application which sends alert notifications as they occur. You must connect your DataLakeHouse project to one of your Slack channels using our notification connection page in order to receive notifications to your Slack workspace.

How to set alert notification preferences?

Navigate to Profile > Notifications and update what type of notifications you wish to receive. Notifications preferences are done at an individual user level and delivered based on their email account they use to log into the DataLakeHouse.io application. Slack notifications are configured at a Org Project level.

Updated 04 May 2022
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