Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce is a complete HRIS solution that helps organizations transform every core area of HCM including Continuous payroll, workforce management, benefits, talent management, and more.

DataLakeHouse.io provides the best data synchronization process from Ceridian into your Data Warehouse or Data Lake Storage so that you can integrate your other financial and operational sources for an enterprise view of your organization.

Ceridian : Change Log & Notes

Setup Instructions

DataLakeHouse.io securely connects to your Ceridian Dayforce system. Using the form in the DataLakeHouse.io portal please complete the following steps:

  1. Enter a Name or Alias for this connection, in the 'Name/Alias' field, that is unique from other connectors.
  2. Enter in the 'Target Schema Prefix' field, a name that will be unique in your cloud warehouse destination database where you wish to replicate the data.
  3. Enter the 'Company Id' for this Ceridian Dayforce company information you are retrieving.
  4. Enter the 'User' for this Ceridian Dayforce company api integration
  5. Enter the 'Password' credential for this Ceridian Dayforce company api integration
  6. Click the Authorize Your Account button which will save the connection.

If any issues occur with the Ceridian.com authorization, simply return to the sources page in DataLakeHouse.io, edit this source and click the 'Authorize Your Account' or 'Re-Authorize Your Account' button. If any issues persist please contact our support team via the DataLakeHouse Support Portal.

Updated 03 May 2022
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