Community Overview

It is important for data workers regardless of proximity to the engineering and consumption of data and analytics that as DataLakeHouse evolves the community continues to benefit from contributions and advancements of the individual contributor.

We will continue to highlight those making contributions large and small.

In order to provide continuity, we have a set of guides that will help to keep contributions, questions, comments, concerns regarding the DataLakeHouse platform and its data, analytics, and ML models across industries.

Our initial code base for analytical models seeks contributions from the community at large. In order to clearly define the types of contributions sought (which are vast by nature of analytics subjectivity) that align to our roadmap and mission, we have produced a Code Contribution Guide. Contributors will need to complete the contributor agreement to be an official contributor to any of the DataLakeHouse open source projects.

Other viewpoints and roadmap documentation pages will surface as the number of community contributions and those from DataLakeHouse.io develop.

Updated 24 May 2022
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