Contributor Agreements

Contributor agreements have a long standing in software in order to ensure the long-term viability of open source projects and their community.

We have Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) that provide a joint interest in code contributed to the parts of DataLakeHouse.io that are open source code that provides certain assurances that any contributed code is original work and does not violate any third-party license agreement(s). This way any DataLakeHouse users can have confidence in the legal status of any code source and their right to use it.

Our CLAs

For all code contributions to DataLakeHouse.io, we ask that contributors complete and sign a Contributor License Agreement. We have a simple form at present but if your organization or employer requires a more corporate aligned CLA rather than an individual contributor CLA please contact us.

For Lawyers/Attorneys (and Legalese People)

Our CLAs are based on the Contributor License Agreements published by the Apache Software Foundation, with modifications (we attribute some of the language to our friends at DBT Labs with modifications):

Please submit all questions about our CLAs via our support portal

Updated 24 May 2022
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