As the modern application backbone for decades now a database is at the heart of almost every web application, internally built portal, CRM, ERP, Finance, system.^

Your database is an asset. It should be treated as such. 🏦

But to truly generate value from that asset you often need to access the retrieve the data in a consistent way while maintaining integrity, parity, and of course, confidence. Getting data out of this treasure chest and into a target destination environment for Data Warehousing or other data workload (ex: Data Science), that's the job of DataLakeHouse's Sync Bridge (Data Pipelines). And, we built it for you!

So, we've partnered with leading database technology vendors to provide a best-in-class data synchronization, that includes Change Data Capture concepts, data transformation capabilities, integrations with DBT and DataForm, and more. This way with the databases below you can focus on the high-value targets you need to get to and leave the basics of getting your data from "A to B" to DataLakeHouse.

  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQL Server

Updated 14 Mar 2022
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