Facebook Ads

Your facebook (Meta) advertising campaigns reach millions of people and the data for both the spend and the metadata about the views, potential customers, conversions, etc. is available to you to bring into your data pipeline and your warehouse to build more insights, KPIs, etc. so you can be as efficient and effective as possible with your marketing objectives.

DataLakeHouse.io gives you the no-code tools to connect to your facebook ads and extract this data on your terms so you can get at the core of the data so you can see all aspects of your campaigns.

Setup Instructions

DataLakeHouse.io securely connects to your Facebook Ads account. Using the form in the DataLakeHouse.io portal please complete the following steps:

  1. Enter a Name or Alias for this connection, in the 'Name/Alias' field, that is unique from other connectors.
  2. Enter in the 'Target Schema Prefix' field, a name that will be unique in your cloud warehouse destination database where you wish to replicate the data.
  3. Click the Authorize Your Account button which will save the connection.

If any issues occur with the Facebook authorization, simply return to the sources page in DataLakeHouse.io, edit this source and click the 'Authorize Your Account' or 'Re-Authorize Your Account' button. If any issues persist please contact our support team via the DataLakeHouse Support Portal.

Connect to Facebook Ads
Connect to Facebook Ads

Updated 05 May 2022
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